Hi. My name is Jenny. This is my wool shop.

My mum taught me to knit from an early age. She was obsessed with everything knitting. We had a knitting room in the house. It was filled with shelves and shelves of wool (and sheep) and had a knitting machine in the corner. As she worked in a wool shop in the village we lived, she had access to all these wonderful yarns in beautiful colours and patterns. She knitted jumpers for all of us all the time, so I got the knitting bug and would knit myself many things across my teenage years, then I left home and left knitting behind.

Fast forward several years (including marriage and children) and I discovered crochet which I really enjoy and I’m learning new techniques all the time.

Then something strange, unheard of happened: Coronavirus (Covid-19).

I’d spent 32 years as a wigmaker, making wigs for TV, films and theatre. Over the years, my work has been on almost every stage in the West End and several theatres around the world. I was kept constantly busy. But the theatres had to close overnight so I lost my job. Social distancing and theatres don’t really go together so it became clear my job was gone for a long time. I needed a plan.

I began crocheting to pass the time. Just a small baby blanket but I really enjoyed it. I decided I needed a larger project to sink my teeth into so I ordered some yarn online and waited in anticipation for it to arrive.

The seed was sown. I needed wool but couldn’t find anywhere to buy near me so I thought: is it possible for me to open a small wool shop? If I need wool, others must need it too. The Knit Knack Shack was born.

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